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Online Resources for Parents:
Educational and Social & Emotional Wellness Site

Are you looking for more online learning resources such as links to virtual museum tours, educational podcasts, and home school coaching?  Are you looking for information on how to talk to your kids about COVID-19 and how to protect their social and emotional well-being during this crisis?  If so, you should check out this website created by the California PTA.  The site compiles links to a vast array of websites focusing on children and families’ educational, social & emotional as well as physical health needs during this time of crisis.

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Red Ribbon Week
Del Mar Hills Academy
DMUSD Board Meeting
District Office Training Center
Boo Thru
Del Mar Hills Academy
DMUSD Board Meeting
District Office Training Center
DMUSD Board Meeting
District Office Training Center

Build Community 

SurfRider Style!

Put a SurfRider twist on safely spreading fun by putting surfboards up where you live.  Cut one out of cardboard! Paint on construction paper!

Click below for coloring pages you can print and decorate with crayons, stickers, or positive words.  When finished, post the surfboards where other SurfRiders can see while exploring the neighborhood. 

SurfRiders Rock!

14085 Mango Dr. 

Del Mar, CA 92014

(858) 755-9763

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